The company management has been and is constantly preoccupied that its activities to be carry out under conditions that minimize or even eliminate significant environmental impacts.

For the effective exercise of the fast response capacity in case of accidental pollution by oil products, oil, toxic or hazardous chemicals, the company was endowed with specific equipment to be able to safely and effectively remedy accidental spills.

The management team of Echipa Horse Company was and is always concerned by maintaining and continuous improvement of the environmental management system according with the standards in force.

Our main objective is to provide products and services that satisfy the requirements of our customers and other involved parties, related to environment, health and safety, by applying the provisions of legislation in force.

Regular training sessions for the labor safety and fire protection are always done at the starting of each work, provision of adequate personal safety equipment for each type of activity, have conducted to a 0 rate of accidents and unexpected events.

Due to performing of activities inside of stations and fuel depots, where the risk of pollution is very high, our company carries out continuous training of personnel in observing not only environmental and regulatory requirements stipulated by law, but also the company’ objectives.

We provide all necessary resources for equipment and high technologies in order to reduce the HES (environmental, health and work safety) risks.